AHA aha aha

“Is it supposed to tingle? I asked myself when I first experienced AHA peeling treatment at the dermatologist.

I wasn’t feeling very relaxed.  As the ‘tingling’ sensation got even stronger, I debated about whether I should ‘tough it out’ and risk a red-face for the next few days, or just come back to it maybe next time (but I already paid for the treatment).

And the result was



Not a flake or bump in sight.

Discolorations seemed faded.

The not-so-relaxing experience at dermatologist sparked the idea of do it at home (just because I can give it up anytime) so I started to do a research.

You’ve definitely heard about AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids). It was one of the biggest name in the 90s along with IPL, steam treatment or Ionto treatment (sound familiar) because they were everywhere in Thailand and maybe the starting point of the beauty clinic that opened up in every corner of the city.


AHA is a popular ingredient in anti-aging and hyperpigment skincare. Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from fruit acids and are among some of the best ways to exfoliate your skin. Breaking down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, they help slough off the dead skin cells, loosen dirt, makeup, and clogged pores to reveal smooth skin beneath. There are several types of fruit acids that you can find in skincare products today, fortunately we can include in our beauty routines at home.


Note: Alpha hydroxy acids will make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  Please use the natural ingredients below as a mask or treatment (I prefer to use these in the evening), and use a sunscreen before going outdoors.

Also, all timings given below are approximate.  You know your skin best.  If it starts to strongly tingle or burn, rinse it off immediately!  It’s always best to start with the shortest amount of time given, and increase gradually, when you know how your skin reacts.  I recommend leaving these masks on your skin from 10-30 minutes maximum.




I heard a lot of good feedback from The ordinary’s AHA 30%+BHA 2% and I decided to give it a go since it is much more affordable than visiting the dermatologist.

The First impression is It’s red! And it looks terrifying when it’s on the face but It left my skin feeling much smoother after use. It’s very powerful,but you should follow the instructions and leave it on for no more than 10 minutes. The first time I used it I started off with 5 minutes—I’ve been able to bump up to 10 without any issue, but if you have more sensitive skin you’ll want to be mindful of the time.

The benefit of looking like you’re pouring blood all over your face when you first put it on is fun!

It definitely has a smell—not a bad one, but it reminds me of a rotten papaya. If you have any popped zits or otherwise broken skin I would avoid using it until that clears over, as it can sting so bad.



Of course! This lemonade combination is as good as a drink and a peeling remedy.I like this remedy although it is not as intense in AHA like The Ordinary AHA 30% but the ingredients are so easy to find and lemon is the strongest source of natural AHA. Lemon riches in Citric acid (found in citrus fruits) and has many benefits for the skin, from lightening pigmentation and acne spots to improving the overall texture of skin. It is always a good idea to inject some citric acid into your beauty routine when it is so cost effective like lemon and those citrus family. While honey itself has a high healing property that offers antibacterial activity, maintains a moist wound condition, and provide a protective barrier to prevent infection, so this mask works triple action; unclog pore, handle discoloration and strengthen skin barrier for future. Sound too good to be true, right?






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