Review : 4 Products of The Weekend Skin by @kanayaprakoso

Hi Guys..

Today I will review about The Weekend Skin, a skin care brand from Thailand. First, I will tell you how I knew about this brand.

I saw a sponsored adds on my Instagram about The weekend Skin doing a giveaway for blogger so we can try their product. Of course I submit my blog, I want to try a new product. And fortunately, I won.

After waiting around 2 weeks, the goods arrived on my doorstep. So, yes, I get this product for free, but The Weekend Skin did not pay me anything to say good thing about this product. All things written here is my honest review.

I love their packaging. the box is pink, my most favorite colour. And all product have pump on them, so I can tell that hygiene is their major concern. I got 4 items on the bag.

Rest Up Serum

Work like a rehab for your skin. Rest up serum is a botanical blend serum, which is design to calm, sooth skin irritation and restore skin barrier. It contains Asia’s legend healing herbs such as Cantela Asiatica, Green tea, Aloe Vera, Honey that are known to aid skin recovery. Rest Up helps heal mild acne and skin allergy that cause by environment and stress. It also helps support support wounded skin exhibiting inflammation or redness. It leave overly sensitive skin looking and feeling more comfortable.

I love Rest Up Serum. This is my most favorite product from The Weekend Skin. It’s so light weight almost like water, my skin absorb it instantly. It hydrate my skin well, and didn’t leave any greasy or sticky feeling. You can use it as a serum, or as a pre-serum. I use it as my serum in the morning and as a pre-serum at night.

Commodity Emulsion

An innovative, gel-textured moisturiser enriched with the finest grade of sake. Commodity Emulsion delivers hydrating and brightening benefits that result in the skin visibly bouncing back from dryness and dullness. Sake promotes skin renewing process which result in improving skin’s texture and water content, reduce the look of wrinkle depth, and enhances firmness for healthier looking complexion. Not only that, kojic acid in Commodity works to erase dark spots and even discolouration

I also love The Weekend Skin Commodity Emulsion. It really hydrate my skin. I have oily skin that look wet because of the oil in the surface of my skin, but the actual skin feels dry. So, it kinda hard for me to find a good moisturiser that will hydrate my skin but wont make my skin more oily or sticky. Before I use this commodity emulsion, I only able to use aloe vera gel as my moisturiser, and it not hydrate my skin enough so I need to apply it a lot. Commodity emulsion is really hydrate my skin well, I don’t need to apply it a lot and my skin absorb it very fast. It didn’t leave any greasy or sticky feeling on my skin and I can move on to my makeup routine.

OH!Ray CC Sunscreen

Think of this whipped cream-to-powder sunscreen as similar to translucent powder, providing sheer coverage and tamping down shine on a range skin tones. A revolutionary Tourmaline exctract traps UVA, UVB and IR before they can reachto deeper cell levels. It also contains Ascorbyl Glucoside, a superior type of vitamin C that promotes skin brightening and collagen production. In short, it is a sunscreen both protect yet nourish.

So, basically this is a whipped tinted physical sunscreen that will protect you from the sun and also give you a skin care benefits. What I like about this product is it has a powder finish, so it didn’t feel greasy or sticky, you will feel like you just apply a powder on your face. This is SPF 50, it will protect you well. What I don’t like about this product is the colour. It’s so light on my skin. I feel like I use a tone up cream after use this product. I have a medium skin tone, so it is very visible on me. Maybe if you have fair skin, this product will look great on you. I can’t use it under makeup. I still use it if need to run errands but too lazy to put on makeup.

Milk Me Cleanser

We know there is a time when quick fix is an answer to your beauty routine, so we create Milk Me 3in1. The idea is similar to an in-shower lotion. It’s ideal for makeup remover, cleansing and moisturizing all in seconds without stepping out of the shower. It is so handy for vacation or on board. MilkMe rich in Niacinamide which restores moisture to your complexion, so quick fix doesn’t mean you have to leave anything behind.

How to apply: In shower or over the sink, apply on damp face and massage then wash off. If used for makeup remover, may be wipe off with cotton pad.

So, this is a milk cleanser that you can wash off using water in the shower. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of milk cleanser from the beginning, Even though I know double cleansing using milk cleaner will make your face way cleaner than just a facial foam. But, I don’t really like the feeling of the milk cleanser on my face. Not only this brand. Indonesia has a very famous brand of milk cleanser and astringent, but I never like them even when my friend said a really good thing about using milk cleanser.

I don’t use Milk Me cleanser very often, and when I use it, I didn’t use it on my face. I playing around with liquid lipstick a lot, and usually I use milk me to help erase the stubborn stain in my hand.

OK Guys, that’s it for today’s review. Word that in quote format is the explanation The Weekend skin gave for each product. I do like 3 of 4 product they gave me. And the one I don’t like is more because of my personal preference.



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