Review : Rest Up Purifying Serum and Oh! Ray CC Sunscreen by @girlsglowclub

Part 1 Brand Review of The Weekend Skin.
@theweekendskin is a new Thai brand and they recently launched their intro collection which is a set of basic skincare made of 4 steps: Cleanser, Serum, Emulsion/Moisturizer, Sunscreen. I’d like to thank them for sending this over for me to test out!
This review is a little late, but I was using a lot of products in rotation and it took me a while to kind of focus on this brand and make sure that I’m not confusing the results with other products.
So here we go, my review of each of the products in the photos:
? Rest Up Purifying Serum – This is a very lightweight serum, very watery, almost like a toner. However, this is packed with the good stuff: centella asiatica, green tea, aloe vera, honey, and niacinamide. It is too light for night time use so I would use it in the AM, it doesn’t pill or anything, but I would honestly skip this entirely. I haven’t noticed a big difference in my skin using this.
? Commodity Emulsion – This is a gel moisturizer made of sake! It reminds me of Drunk Elephant’s B-Hydra and I use it the same way: mixed with vitamin c or other water-based serum in the AM. It’s very light, perfect for day use, it absorbs really quick and it feels nice on the skin (it’s got a little cooling effect which I like). Sake promotes skin renewal so this is a good moisturizer if you wanna double down on your discoloration problems.
? Oh! Ray CC Sunscreen – I love this one! It’s a sunscreen with tint! If you use CC creams you’ll love this one because it saves time. SPF50 is sufficient plus the coverage tones down redness, perfect for when you don’t wanna use heavy makeup because you’re breaking out. It’s very light on the skin, you can barely feel it after application. However, it is a little too light. Morena skin might not appreciate the tint in this. Highly recommended if you have lighter skin.




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